Google’s Project Soli: Tech In Future

Google's Project Soli

Alphabet’s Google unit won approval from U.S. regulators to deploy a radar-based motion sensing device known as Project Soli. Alphabet sounds like a military tech agency now with all these pet names after Dragonfly, to create censored tech no doubt.

In the future of the internet of the things, touchless hand gestures are the future. They are less invasive than AR glasses like Apple and Huawei are building. They are more convenient for introverts than these voice based Alexa or Google home, Alibaba or xioami devices. The future of mobile is invisible ubiquitous tech, and it;s coming faster than you think.Radar based gesture tech could do incredible things with just the flick of a thumb or hand. We need to make touch screens obsolete, they are hurting humanity and our mobile addiction.

Project soli represents another race in consumer applications that the world needs to realize is rather important. In public spaces nobody wants to be in virtual reality, wearing AR tech or being constantly playing with mobile or wearable tech, we need some sense of decency. Hand gesture tech could represent a humanization of tech and I think in the long-term it matters for and with consumers.

The original Project Soli demo was undeniably impressive, showing off shades of minority report with touch-less interface control. But it’s 2019 now. we need to take the future of what comes after mobile, more seriously. For example, The Soli radar chip allowed Google’s demo hardware to respond to hand movements like tapping two fingers an imaginary knob. For a futurist like me, this is the stuff we live for. Imagine the synergy of hand motion tech, in VR environments, imagine what data on behavior and personalization could occur.

we wish technology to actually create a better world and not imprison us in addiction or immersion that isn’t healthy. We need Gooigle to stand for something solid and visionary. everybody want Google to be good again.


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